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HIP-211C Compressor Nebulizer

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HIP-211C is a high-end compressor nebulizer, low noise level and easy to use. The high performance pump make it suitable for continuous use and has a 2000+ hours service life.




- Extreme Pressure: approx. 2.7 bar
- Free Flow: approx. 12.5 L/min
- Nebulizing Rate: approx. 0.35 ml/min
- MMAD: approx. 3.4 μm
- FPF: approx. 70%
- Noise Level: approx. 52 dB
- Max capacity of nebulizer kit: 10 mL
- Operating mode: Continuous Use
- Pump life: 2000 hours
- Device Net Weight: 1.5 Kg
- Device Size: 190mm x 213mm x 123mm


Accessories: Nebulizer cup, adult mask, child mask, inhalation mouthpiece, inhalation tube, air filler.


Package content:

Box size ( mm ) Carton size ( mm ) Pcs/Ctn Kgs/Ctn
265x190x225 550x410x245 4 9/8.1

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