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Integrated Diagnostic Series

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Can be upgraded to desktop rechargeable series




[W1] Fiber OpticOtoscope

• 3X magnification for the large size viewing window
• Fiber optic iIIumination
• The socket of ear insufflation bulb
• Supplied by 2xAA alkaline batteries (not included)
• The LCD screen handle can adjust the brightness of the light source
• Optical SMT LED technology, CRI≥90%
• Constant current IC circuit, maintain the optimal lighting effect
• Modular stainless steel bracket is convenient and durable

[W1.1] Tip Dispenser

• Tip size:2.4mm/3mm/ 4mm/5mm dia
• Each model: 12 pieces
• Single tube arrangement easy to extract
• module bracket save space

[W2] Direct Ophthalmoscope

• 5 different apertures
• 19 kinds of adjustable corrective lenses, Range of lenses : -20D ~+ 20D
• The LCD screen handle can adjust the brightness of the light source
• CRI≥90%, it is more color reducibility
• Optical SMT LED technology, low power consumption and long life

[W3] Laryngeal Mirror

• Search rod and lens are removable to convenient detoxification
• Anti-fog lens the clear observation
• 5traight rod or Curved rod are optional
• Optional disposable laryngeal mirror head for easy installation and disassembly

[W4] Nasal Speculum

• 2x optical glass observation window lens
• It can upgrade to the HS-OT10H operating otoscope
• Nasal speculum t ip use 9mm dia
• Operating otoscope tips use 2.2mm/3mm/4mm/5mm dia
• Dilator and speculum tip can be sterilized using high tempereture at 134℃

[W5] Tongue Depressor Holder

• It is more convenient to use with tongue depressor ejectable device
• Plastic and standard wooden spatula can be emplyed universally



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