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Integrated Diagnostic Series

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Can be upgraded to desktop rechargeable series



[W7] Infrared Thermometer

• Fahrenheit/centigrade switchable
• 2 seconds fast reading
• Accuracy degree: ±0.1℃
• Heat alarm function
• 2x1.5 AAA by alkaline battery

[W8] Sphygmomanometer

• Blood pressure classification indication
• Irregular heart-beat detector
• 3 sets of alarms
• Ambient temperature display during sleep mode
• Date & Time display

[W9] Stethoscope

• Silver dual-membrane chestpiece
• Excellent dual-membrane chestpiece, little acoustic attenuation
• Standard dual PVC tube, good resistance to ambient interference

[W10] Blood Glucose Monitoring System

• 5-sec display testing result
• 0.5ul blood rquired tiny quantity
• Storable 900 test results

ENT Diagnostic Series





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